Conferences & Retreats

For those who are wishing to seek an ideal retreat space in North Carolina where they can escape from the world, the Betsy-Jeff Penn 4-H Educational Center offers retreats. These retreats can be centered around religious, familial, corporate or professional gatherings.

Our Conference and Retreat Facilities in North Carolina include two classroom spaces, a large multipurpose meeting room, a spacious recreation hall, and all the necessary accouterments, from tables and chairs to audio-visual equipment. We also have eight heated cabins with modest community sleeping spaces, tank-less hot-water heaters and adequate bathroom space each accommodate up to 26 individuals, for a total of 208 beds on site. Our family-style meals in the dining hall create a sense of community among those on the retreat. Betsy-Jeff Penn's kitchen staff will gladly satisfy the culinary desires of the group, allowing participants to carry on their own programs and business without concerns over minor details.

For more information or for pricing details, please contact the Weekend Retreat Coordinator:

Deanna Bullins
or by email at

A campus map, floor plans and cabin pictures may also help in planning your event.

Of course, some groups want to add a bit of Penn's own programming into their visit. Most often this is some version of the Soaring Thru Spaces program, including the team-building, high ropes and character development challenges. While most of our efforts in this program are spent with middle school and high school students, it has also been quite successful over the years with numerous collegiate groups and corporate groups.